98% of Push Notifications & Text Messages Are Opened

Sports PubIt’s a sure bet that many, if not most of your customers are sports fans.  There is nothing better for a rabid fan than to get “instant alerts” on the progress of a baseball or football game.  Most fans don’t have the time to watch every game, but they want to keep track of their favorite team(s) progress at all times.  Virtually all of the major sports networks equip their apps with a push notification feature that allows them to communicate with the app holder even if their app is not running.  Using baseball as an example, if the app holder has programmed in to be push notified of the score of his favorite team’s game every three innings, his phone will chirp at the right time and the score will be displayed.

Did You Know? 98% of push notifications and text messages are opened

Why do push notes work so well?

They are immediate and free.  Relevant messages are displayed at the right time.  

daily special push noteLate Friday afternoon, when their customers are thinking about what to order for dinner, a restaurant can send out dine in or dine out specials to its mobile app users as a push notification.


golf push noteDuring slow periods, say you’re a golf course in a seasonably hot climate area, you might have difficulty filling your tee times when it’s over 100 degrees outside.  You can send a push note to all of your app holders offering them half off golf rounds when the temperature climbs over the century mark.

push note locationYou can use location based notifications.  For example, if your business is located in downtown Naperville, Illinois you can target only people who are physically within ten miles of your location.

Let’s say you own a mobile catering company that serves drinks and light meals to construction and other work crews.  When you begin your route, you can send out a push note alerting your customers as to when you’ll be arriving and of the daily specials.  Push notifications are the perfect tool for businesses with multiple locations who want to offer promotions on a geographically targeted basis.

You can send both text and images in your push notification using your I’m In Marketer mobile app.

Going back to the restaurant example, why not send your hungry customers a photo of your most tantalizing entrée?

dinner picture push note


If you’re a spa, send out a picture of hands kneading back muscles.  The possibilities are endless.massage image push notification

Send a message that gets read

android robot

Push notifications are much more effective than email or direct mail.  The open rates on push notes consistently top every other communication method.

Why?  Your customer already has your mobile app, so he has demonstrated a desire to purchase your products or services.  Every time you send a push notification you are offering your customer a deal on something that he is already interested in buying.  With a well thought out timing strategy every one of your push notes will reach the right people at the right time.

So hit a home run!  Set up a push note program using your mobile app that makes sense for your business today.

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