The Shift to Mobile for Reservations and Appointments

People are increasingly using their mobile device to help them manage more and more aspects of their busy lives.  The saying, “There is an app for that” has become a cultural cliché.  Ten years ago, when you wanted to dine out later in the evening you called the restaurant in the afternoon and made a reservation.  Today we can still use the phone to accomplish this task, but we do not have to make a call. 

Booking an appointment or making a reservation is now being done through mobile apps. Normally light years behind the tech trends, the California DMV has even taken advantage of the mobile shift by  making it easier to make an appointment through their mobile app.  Any business that deals with appointments and/or reservations can and should be taking advantage if this feature. Our team here at I’m In Marketer has made this easy.

An I’m In Marketer mobile app includes a free appointment and reservation feature.

appointment and reservation feature home screen shot

After you have reached out to your customer through a push note, coupon or other promotion we make it simple and easy for him to follow up and make a dining reservation.

appointment feature home screen shot 2

Customers now expect to be able to reserve everything from movie tickets to airline flights using their mobile device.  If your business does not offer a mobile app with a reservations and appointments feature, it’s a good bet that your competitors do, or shortly will, offer them this convenience.

There are many obvious candidates for this feature such as restaurants, salons, spas, etc. What may not be as apparent is that many other businesses, taxicabs for
instance, can greatly benefit from a reservation feature on their mobile app.

What about a car repair shop? Open slots for routine procedures like oil changes and state vehicle inspections can be filled online without taking up valuable staff time.

Virtually any business that regularly needs to fill appointment slots can benefit from this feature.

reservation feature home screen shot 1

Convenience for business owners and customers

Business owners can access their administrative panel to manage their reservations and appointments and they can even have their pending reservations sent directly to an email account or to a printer.

Your customers want convenience.  There is nothing more convenient for most of them than their cell phone or tablet because it is literally with them everywhere they go.  With an I’m In Marketer mobile app and an appointments and reservation feature; you are making it very easy for your customers to do business with you.

So give your customers what they want!  Set up a mobile appointment and reservation system using your I’m In Marketer mobile app today.       

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