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Mobile Ordering From GrubHub vs Your Own Restaurant Mobile App

There is something CRUCIAL you need to know if you are a restaurant or take-away owner. And it makes sense to take some time out and read this blog post –...

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Is Belly the Best Option For Customer Loyalty Rewards?

Many small and local businesses still rely on old-fashioned punchcards to maintain both new and regular customers’ interest – as part of some kind of loyalty program. New age technology has taken these loyalty strategies online. Belly is a Chicago-based company...

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6 Ways to Help Patients With a Mobile App

It’s safe to assume your medical practice long ago abandoned many old-fashioned remedies and treatments. You probably no longer use mercury to treat infection, opium as a anesthetic or leeches to heal wounds. And yet you may be using outdated methods to communicate and inform your patents. Phone calls...

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The Importance of Developing a Mobile Strategy for your Health Club

THE WAR against flabby fat and lethargy has seen an energetic boom in profits for the fitness industry worth billions to the economy...

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Generate Leads With Mobile Sweepstakes

How do you generate more leads?  Unless you know who to target with your promotion or advertising you’re stuck in the old direct mail...

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The Secret To Making Daily Deals Work For You

We want to share with you a few simple tips about how our business partners make daily deals work for them. Daily deals can be successful at bringing traffic into your business. The downside is that many...

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Loyalty – Leading Your Merry Men

Let’s say you live in a forest instead of a city and you lead a band of merry men – instead of a business. As Robin Hood you want your merry men to feel . . .  well,...

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A New Look At Coupons

This is sales magic... You’re TEN times more likely to see a customer through the door if you use mobile (important: not paper) coupons!  It’s a new stat from Borrell Associates, HubSpot. Now hold...

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QR Codes – Worth Checking Out?

Gadgets can give you the creeps if you pretend to know what they are – and really don’t. The inventions themselves are exciting of course but trying to learn about them can be intimidating at times. That’s how many people felt when ‘QR’ codes were invented, don’t you think? They looked like alien codes from Outer Space. They communicated something beyond our...

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Mobile App is a Perfect Fit for Fitness Club Marketing

Fitness Club owners, like all business owners, implement marketing strategies to keep their revenue growing steadily, retaining clients who, for the most part, use highly discretionary...

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