QR Codes – Worth Checking Out?

SGadgets can give you the creeps if you pretend to know what they are – and really don’t.

The inventions themselves are exciting of course but trying to learn about them can be intimidating at times.

That’s how many people felt when ‘QR’ codes were invented, don’t you think? They looked like alien codes from Outer Space. They communicated something beyond our normal lives. True artificial intelligence. ET fingerprints.

Actually, the opposite is true. QR codes render endless opportunities for breaking new ground for your business. And they are free to use. QR codes are ideal workhorses for local companies like yours.

What is a QR code? Here is an official description: ‘a pattern of black-and-white squares that is printed on something and can be read by some types of mobile phone to give information to the user of the phone’. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Big and small companies alike use these codes. How often can you use the same marketing tool as the Walmarts of this world? Volkswagen recently used QR as a tactic in bright printed ads for customers to find the nearest car dealership.

Okay you say, very cool…

But how can I use QR codes in my business?

Our I’m In Marketer business partners already use QR codes in a number of creative ways. Here are some of them.

[In order to scan the code use one of the many free scanner apps out there. Just search for ‘QR Scanner’ on the app store. Then open the app and scan the code. Your phone camera will read and extract information from the code.]

like_facebook_iminmarketerCreate Facebook Likes

By scanning the QR code your customers are immediately taken to a page that prompts them to ‘Like’ your page. Give this code a try. Put it on flyers, postcards, posters, web pages, etc.   


vcardBusiness Cards

Use your QR code with vCard on business cards. All someone needs to do is scan your QR code and your contact info will automatically be transferred to their phone contact book.





Create an email (you can pre-populate a number of fields including email address, subject line and email body).




text messageText Message

Create a text-message. Scan the code to the left now to see it in action – our SPECIAL FREE OFFER is hidden behind this code. :)



download_app_chateauApp Store

Drive people to the app store so they can download your mobile app without having to search for it.

Or, turn your QR code into a mobile coupon.


paypalBuy Now

The QR code to the left features a product with a PaylPal link. To make a purchase, all your customers need to do is scan the code and confirm their payment.

Walmart Canada and Proctor and Gamble recently used this idea to create 50 mobile stores within Toronto bus shelters. The idea was that people could use the time they were waiting to catch the bus for a more productive purpose. Inside the bus shelters were special posters featuring popular everyday products from P&G brands such as Pampers, Gillette and Tide. All the waiting bus riders had to do was scan the QR code that linked them to PayPal, confirm payment and then the goods were shipped right to their door.

Why should Walmart have all the fun?

Want to give QR codes a try? You should…

Generate the perfect QR code to suit your business. Just tell us what you want it to do using the form below and we’ll email it to you – FREE-OF-CHARGE – within 24 hours.

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