Our Social Lives Are Being Carried Around In Our Pockets

Whether you are a regular user of social media or not, you know that many of your customers are now much more comfortable sending texts and sharing pictures online than they are talking on the phone. We’re accessing social networks more via mobile networks than ever before.

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  • The number of people who accessed Facebook each day on mobile devices now exceeds non-mobile ones.
  • Twitter says that 60% of its 200 million active users access Twitter via a mobile device at least once each month.
  • Google, too, says that mobile users make up the lion’s share of people accessing its Google Plus social network

How can businesses take advantage of this cultural shift?

share feature screen shot 1Allow your customers to interact with each other on your businesses own mobile social network. I’m In Marketer now has a Fan Wall feature that allows your mobile app users to communicate with each other just by clicking on the Fan Wall tab within the app.

Now you can connect with your fans, your customers, wherever they are. Using your Fan Wall you can launch a new product or service, let your customers know about upcoming promotions or events or share significant news with them.

Wouldn’t it be great if your restaurant patrons could share with each other how fantastic their steak was last night on your mobile app?  Talk about word of mouth advertising! Their comments about your great food and service will be posted for all to see on your Fan Wall.

If you own a spa, no doubt mutual friends frequent your business. Get them messaging each other using your app and the next thing you know they will be reminding each other how much they need a pedicure this week.

facebook share featureWhat about a hair salon? The ladies might love to share photos of their latest style with their friends by posting their pictures on your Fan Wall. Let them rave about how good they look to their pals.

Take advantage of this shift in our culture – communicate on your customers’ terms and be one step ahead of your competition.

Does a mobile app with a Fan Wall make sense for your business? Please take a second and fill out the brief form and we can provide you a free demo for your business.

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