Not Offering Mobile Ordering is Likely Leaving Revenue on the Table

Who doesn’t need more time?  This world keeps us hopping all day long.  Whether we are busy business executives, or school teachers, or a stay at home parent trying to juggle the needs of three children and a spouse, we all have the same desire – we need more hours in the day.

A key factor in every consumer’s purchasing decision is convenience.  Especially if the customer knows what he wants, be it food or personal services or any item he purchases repeatedly, delivering it to him faster and with less hassle is the key to winning his business.

69% of consumers order food online using a mobile device pie chart

Hungry consumers are turning to smartphones and tablets to place online orders for pick-up or delivery, with more than two-thirds (69%) of those polled saying they have placed food orders via mobile devices. (Mobile Order Research)

Local business examples of mobile ordering

order feature screen shot 1Let’s say that you own a sandwich shop.  Your customers love your Philly cheesesteak specialty – let them both order and pay for their favorite meal as take out using their mobile app.

If you own a spa, make it easy for your customers to purchase massages and skin treatments for themselves or as gifts.  If you sell any skincare or hair care products, you’re an even better candidate for a mobile shopping cart.

As a business owner you can access all of your customers’ ordering information quickly and easily using your administrative panel. You can receive notifications via email that a new order has been placed or even have new orders automatically printed out on the printer of your choice.order feature screen shot 2

According to Elizabeth Scott, M.S., a noted commentator on personal lifestyles for, many people find themselves too busy these days, which causes stress.  Per Ms. Scott, effective time management is a great way to reduce stress.  While being able to order and pay for your purchases via a mobile app may seem like a little thing, for a harried person any added convenience is very appreciated. 

order feature screen shot 3You cannot give your customers more hours in the day, but you can help them use the time they have more productively. 

Does a mobile app with a mobile shopping cart make sense for your business?  Reach out to us and we can discuss how the mobile ordering feature in your I’m In Marketer mobile app can bring more sales to your business today.  

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