Mobile Ordering From GrubHub vs Your Own Restaurant Mobile App

69 percent of consumers order food online using a mobile deviceThere is something CRUCIAL you need to know if you are a restaurant or take-away owner. And it makes sense to take some time out and read this blog post – and think carefully about what’s being said. Please!


Sharing revenue with third party ordering portals

Point One: You are a restaurant owner and you’re losing profits because of mobile/online ordering portals.

Does that sound dramatic? Let’s break this down further. Ordering food online quickly became a popular concept following the dawn of the internet. At the time they seemed like a good idea for businesses like yours. Customers like everything to be easy, that’s no secret. And it seemed an easy method for you too, to get food orders in.

But the big giants who run these portals levy you a fee each time a customer orders. Take GrubHub for example. It’s a fantastic concept and they are a great company. You may be getting regular customers from them. But you are also paying a lot in the client fees. Not only that, a third party is dominating your client base – which means you have no choice but to pay out.

online food order mobile app feature homescreen locationSometimes we need to sit back and look at what’s happening beneath the lines. At the moment YOU pay for getting customers from mobile/online ordering giants. And the whole direction of this means that in the future your payments will increase as you fight to be top of the list against competitors. It’s happened generally for commerce on big search engines like Google. It has also begun happening with the big restaurant ordering portals too. Can you afford that longterm?

Now, it’s a good thing to do some business with folk like GrubHub. But it also makes business sense for you to keep your customers within your own community. Big airlines have done the same – dodging the charms of travel search engines by investing in their brand’s online resources. So that clients would go directly to their own websites, not just booking via the search engines.


Create your own mobile ordering system with a Restaurant Mobile App

Point Two: It’s time for smart restaurant owners like yourself to set up inner networks for clients via mobile phone applications. Most people are now using apps to order food online, in fact some 69 per cent of consumers order food online using a mobile device.

Think about what that means for your restaurant. Isn’t it time to convert these food ordering systems and make them in-house? The good news is that I’m In Marketer is on standby to help you. We exist solely to champion local companies. We can create a simple-to-use mobile phone app to keep your clients focused on you and what you offer.

online food order mobile app feature check outMaybe you cook up the best pasta dish in town. Clients don’t need to search online at other options then, do they? They could just talk to you directly via your app. And be aware of your offers, daily deals and coupons which keeps their interest.

The possibilities for your mobile phone app are endless – social media integration, mailing lists, a custom form builder, ordering and payment systems, tell-a-friend features, push notifications and check in loyalty coupons.

All you need to do is: (1) Set up the mobile phone app with I’m In Marketer and then (2) Let your customers know they can now order from you directly.

Yes, the mobile phone app is an investment. But not a lot of cash when you compare it in the long run to your current fees paid to big portals like GrubHub. And you also benefit from taking control of your company’s online community.

Want to hear more about setting up mobile ordering on your own mobile app? Use the form below and we’ll follow up with you.

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