Mobile is Officially the First Screen of Influence

shopping mallThere’s a simple fact about the shoppers who enjoy a spending spree at your town’s local shopping mall. And it may surprise you!

Those ladies don’t swing hand bags containing just cash and keys. And the men won’t be handling wallets-only inside their pockets.

Fact is this – they would not even consider shopping unless they brought along their smart phones. Modern day shoppers are too savvy for that. They want to feel good about what they buy.

Product and price comparison, inside info, reviews, easy methods to pay – consumers can engage in a wider online dialogue via their mobiles whilst browsing local goods and services. To put it simply: smart phones are part of every town’s retail landscape now, here to stay.

56% have used their device to access local content

That figure will go up, not down, in the future.

Young people in particular, including in developing nations, use mobile devices like an extra limb. For many, the phone will be their first computer device. And if you, as a business owner, want to reach this target audience – you have to engage with them via social networking sites.

How to make your mobile strategy work for you

It’s crucial that you consider unique aspects about mobile phone usage. So you can streamline your marketing strategy accordingly.Here are some considerations we’ve put together at I’m In Marketer:

girl with applications floating

  • Mobile devices are individual, not shared. People download the specific apps they want, to suit their desires. As there are millions of apps available, mobile users have a lot of choice.
  • The question is this: are they including your business and the products/services you sell in this mix? I’m In Marketer’s app exists to meet that need.

push note location

  • Mobile phones are location-aware. That means a very personal service can be offered by clever companies. And business owners like you!
  • Consumers wanting a product or service often want it NOW not later. The phones are ideal service providers for this – and can be used as a point of purchase. That has wonderful advantages for business owners.
  • For example, if you happen to be looking up movies on your mobile device there is a higher chance you are out-and-about and ready to buy tickets. Mobile movie sites actually convert better ticket sales then desktop websites on home computers – that’s official!
  • A customer fumbling around with their cell phone can be just one click away from buying a product! Make this easy for them either via a mobile optimized site or your very own mobile app.
  • People use mobile phones to boost their leisure time. Mobile devices and apps can really cater for that. So if your app helps them enjoy games, talking with friends etc, then it’s going to be popular.

Mobile phones really are the first screen of influence. And there is a perfect opportunity for you to re-engage with customers and encourage them to buy your products or services. That will not happen unless you take action.

I’m In Marketer has poured hours into inventing a top-notch mobile app for local businesses like yours. Visit our learn more page and let us show you how we can help you with your mobile strategy.

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