Mobilize Your Website

More than half of mobile phone users now own smart phones. With 90% of smart phone users accessing the web, there’s no better time than right now to have your website updated to be fully accessible to all users.

Easy readability on a small screen

Faster page-loads on mobile devices

Automatically detects mobile devices

Improved mobile search ranking

Did You Know?

Smart Phone users increasingly use their phone to decide whether to visit a business.
Most Mobile users will not return to a website that is not mobile friendly.
Websites that are not mobile friendly receive lower mobile search.

Mobile Friendly Design

The mobile version of your site needs its own design that takes into account not only reduced screen dimensions, but technical condiserations affecting things like navagation, for example. Some important design guidelines we incorporate include:

Use of a one column layout – easiest to read

Smaller graphics to Save space and speed page-load

Simplified navigation that is touch friendly


Shakespeare said “brevity is the soul of wit” which is always a good policy in writing for the web., but even more so on when considering copy for mobile device viewing. It’s just not that easy for visitors to read long blocks of text on a tiny screen.

The guideline for mobile text presentation should be “short and sweet” – wherever possible consolidate sections into pages and pare down paragraphs into a couple of sentences.


With all this talk of “downsizing” content and viewing area, its important to remember that mobile devices have opened up a whole new world of features and functionality that simply put can energize your business.

Some of these features include location – related programs, such as maps, swipe touch photo galleries, Twitter feeds, blogs, text-messaging, and the list goes on and on…you can also integrate your new mobile site with our full suite of business apps called I’min Marketer.

I'mIn Mobile Design At Your Service

If your ready to mobilize your website, I’m In Marketer is ready to talk to you. We’ve been building successful mobile sites and apps for years, and we’ve only gotten better! With I’mIn Marketer Mobile Design, the transition for your site will not be expensive or time consuming and the results will delight you.


Contact us for a prompt, no-obligation conversation with one of our account managers about mobilizing your website.

Get your custom mobile friendly website in less than 10 days.

Monthly Fee $9.99 $12.99
One time mobile site Design/Development $249 $399
Pages 10 Unlimited
Click to Call Included Included
Map & Directions Included Included
Support Email (48 hrs) Email, Chat, Phone

Day 1: Give us your website information
Day 2: We review your current site.
Day 3: We schedule a call to answer questions.
Day 4-6: We design your mobile site.
Day 7: Review design.
Day 8-9: Test/make changes as needed.
Day 10: Go live!
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