Mobile Food Ordering with Smartphone Apps for Restaurants


In a world where mobile phones remain a dominant force, many business owners start to realize the importance of mobile devices. More and more customers use their gadgets to access information, make decisions, make purchases, and even communicate with the businesses.

The reason is simple: these devices offer convenience. With just one touch of a button, they can make a transaction without being physically present in the store.

If you are a restaurant owner, you may already know that most of your clients own an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. This is your chance to utilize apps for restaurants to enhance your business success. Enter the mobile world and join thousands of business people who now use mobile apps to promote and strengthen their companies.

How Smartphone Apps Increase Your Bottom Line

A mobile app should be tailored to your business according to the needs of your restaurant. There are built-in features that you should not go without. These features make the app so worthwhile that you will begin to notice a significant boost in profits in no time.

One of the highlights of apps for restaurant (and not only for restaurants) is the ordering and payment system. This is a good example of how useful these apps are for the customers and the restaurant owners as well. With this feature, your customers can order their meal and pay for it then and there.



This is a valuable feature especially for busy people who demand quick, on-the-spot service at all times. This is also advantageous on your part since it helps you keep your loyal customers by providing them exactly what they need when they need it.

Targeting Online Customers

While mobile traffic keeps increasing you do not want to forget about your customers who are online and access your website on desktop computers and laptops. You want to offer those customers the same level of service and convenience as those with mobile devices.

How? For starters, make it possible to place orders right from your website. I’m In Marketers empowers restaurant owners to deploy a free online ordering system as well. And it can be launched in just a few days.



More Features That Guarantee Better Revenue

It is a fact that people are now walking around with their Internet-connected handhelds. As a wise and competitive business owner, there is no way that you should pass up on this opportunity. Smartphones have opened a new world of opportunities for restaurateur. Among the several reasons why you should take advantage of these apps are the following:

Geo-Aimed Push Notifications – Studies have shown that 97% of push notifications are read by mobile and tablet owners. Push notifications can be anything from sounds to alerts to badges. Adding this option assures you that whenever you have updates, your customers will know about them without even opening the restaurant app.

Targeted Advertising – With smartphones being powered by the Internet, you now have a very effective advertising machine. Your app will be displayed on the dashboard of your clients phones. Whenever they see it, they think of your restaurant. What could be more efficient than that?

Compete and Make Sales Anywhere – A pre-built ordering/payment system is just one of the money-making opportunities that are available with your restaurant app. Since you are visible online and on the device of your customers, you get to compete and remain in the race no matter where your customers are. With a touch, they can make a reservation or order their favorite food from your menu and pay on the go.

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