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app-icon-512Setting up a mobile phone application with I’m In Marketer ‘just makes sense’ for students, teachers and parents of any high school or college.

Those aren’t our words – it’s an official verdict given by one of our clients, Martin Gaughan, a recruitment associate for Benet Academy in Maple Avenue, Illinois [].

The Catholic high school, more than 125-years-old, has recently signed up 2,628 students, teachers, staff and parents to a tailor-made, specially designed app.

Martin Gaughan said there had been a ‘great response’ and highly recommended other colleges to set up an app with I’m In Marketer to ‘better communicate’ with students and parents.

We caught up with Martin and he kindly answered some questions about the effect of the new app on the school’s community. Here is what he had to say:

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Q: Tell us more about the school and its previous history with modern information technology

A: Pretty traditional. We’ve used web sites, computer labs, and some social media components.

Q: Have Smart phones had a lot of influence in your school generally up to now?

A: Not really.  The I’m In Marketer app has created a brand new use of smart phones in our community.

Q: How did the school engage/communicate with its community – students etc – before you set up the I’m In Marketer app?

A: Mostly through web site content - school bulletins and letters mailed home etc.

Q: How did getting this app change that engagement? And why did the school believe an app was necessary?

A: Instantaneous information, and the ease of sharing information.

Q: How many people at your school now have the app?

A: 2,628 new app users since the launch date.

Q You opted for the ‘Enterprise’ subscription package that includes unlimited use of all functions – why?

A: The unlimited push notification ability made this decision a no-brainer!

Q: Which of the functions have proven most useful?

benet_push_note benet_push_note_2A: Push notifications. The ability to navigate for the users has been greatly documented.  For students checking assignments and for parents to be able to keep updated on school happenings.

Q: Can you briefly explain how the app works?

A: Like any app, one click on the device brings all the information we are looking to share into the palms of people’s hands.


Q: Would you say the I’m In Marketer app is easy to use?

A: Extremely easy!

Q: Did you think the price you paid for the app was reasonable?

A: Very. I was expecting the pricing to be more than we actually pay.

Q: Has it been worth the investment?

A: It has been a great investment and it will continue to be, as we continually improve the app at our end.

Q: What have been the students’ and parents’ reactions to the app?

A: A great response!

Q: How did you get the students set up using the app? Was it easy?

A: Very easy. We did need to explain how edline should be personalized, but very user friendly.

Q: Did the teachers understand the functions of the app quickly? What do they think of the app?

A: They like the idea that any changes they make which appear on our website automatically appear on the app.

Q: Can you give an example, during a typical working day, of how the app would be useful to the school community?

A: Daily announcements are available and all assignments for students are posted.  Alerts are sent to the community about major events.

Q: What would you say to a school principal who is not sure whether an I’m In Marketer app would be useful?

A: I would tell them that the key to being a great educator is to be a great communicator.  This I’m In Marketer app will allow your school to better communicate with students, parents, alums etc.  It just makes sense!

Q: Describe your experience of working with the team at I’m In Marketer.

A: We couldn’t be happier!

Q: Would you recommend others to sign up to an app by I’m In Marketer?

A: Absolutely.

Q: If a parent is considering sending their child to Benet Academy – how could the app help them?

A: Yes.  The ‘Why Benet’ tab in our app does a great job of that.

Q: You have now experienced using an I’m In Marketer app. Are there any other features you would like to see added/included?

A: Scanning ability to pay for lunches etc . . . still investigating the needs of our school community and how the app could be used to meet those needs.


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