Loyalty – Leading Your Merry Men

leaderLet’s say you live in a forest instead of a city and you lead a band of merry men – instead of a business.

As Robin Hood you want your merry men to feel . . .  well, merry. Your ‘Robin Hood’ image empowers them to be happy. They stick with you because they choose to identify with you. It would never cross their minds to pledge allegiance to another outlaw.

The loyalty of your exclusive community [you + your staff + clients] is crucial to the success of your company. It only works if there is a special bond. If you are a band of brothers. If you can together face the threat from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

As a business entrepreneur, you have three options for securing income:

  • get new customers
  • drive regulars to spend more money or
  • persuade them to spend money more often.

Don’t you agree?

Loyalty is the gas which drives your customer base engine. Getting new prospects is important but you need consistent support from the same people who love your products.

It’s the existing clients who count the most.

They are TWENTY times more valuable than a new prospect.

That’s because they are much more likely to buy from you again than somebody who has never done so. And to talk with you; feel part of your vision; support your company – even, and this is the icing on the cake, recommend you to others.

So remember that regular clients – your merry men – will keep your business thriving.

But you need tools to keep them positive and dedicated to you. 

A lot of small business owners think their marketing efforts are done once a customer has tried their product or service the first time. The belief is that once customers have savored my cuisine, benefited from my carpet-cleaning expertise, or been pampered at my spa, they will automatically come back again and again.

The world doesn’t work that way anymore. Customers now have infinite choices and sometimes short memories…

A Mobile Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs target and reward existing customers and help you to not only keep their business but to increase the amount of money they spend with you.

A mobile app makes it easy for any size business to implement and manage a loyalty program. Our business clients use it to communicate with regulars easily, instantly, effectively and creatively. It works and customers love it too…


A Loyalty Card that is ALWAYS there.

Take a look at this image of a mobile loyalty card.

It’s easy to set up on your app. Your customer walks into your shop/restaurant etc. and a happy employee ‘stamps’ their card electronically. And it’s always there on their mobile device, reminding them constantly about your business.

Plus, the incentive of reaching a reward level is a powerful motivator for the customer to make more purchases more often.



Word of mouth advertising. 

Don’t forget that the app makes it simple for your customers to share their ‘unlocked’ coupons via social networks. Free advertising! It doesn’t get better than this.



Friendly Instant Reminders.

Keep engaging with customers by tapping your push notes (PN). Giving them a reminder they will appreciate.  Let’s say you own a pizza place. It’s early Friday night and families across town are wondering about dinner.

Take advantage of that. Send a push note at that time, saying something like, “What’s for dinner? It’s Friday. Give yourself a break. Place an order using your app and we’ll deliver it for free.’

And they already know you offer the best pizzas in town. Because they have been customers before and your staff is always friendly. That message via the mobile app has just reminded them about you.

The app helps you give a personal touch. It keeps regulars loyal.

We’d love to know your thoughts. If you’d like to set up a mobile loyalty program please fill out the form below.

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