Let Your Customers Do Your Marketing For You

When I want to know where to go to buy something for my garden, I walk next door and talk to Ray. I’ve known him for years and he has the most beautiful garden in our neighborhood. Ray knows just where to direct me to buy the right bird feeder, paving stone or pipe for my fish pond.

77% of consumers are more likely to buy if referred by friends or family.

All of us have “Rays”, people we trust to give us good advice. A positive recommendation from friends, word of mouth, is the oldest, and by far the most influential, marketing method. According to recent research by Nielsen, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family.

The New Version of Word of Mouth

smartphone with cloud of application iconsUp until just years ago, over-the-fence word of mouth was still king and most local business relied on those “Ray told me you do great work” phone calls. Nowadays, we are all connected to each other through social media and communicating through places like Facebook and mobile devices.

You have customers who love your business. With the explosion of social media and mobile, it’s now easier than ever for these customers to tell others about your great products and services?

How to Leverage the Power of Word of Mouth Through Mobile

tell a friend home screen shot Within our I’m In Marketer mobile app is the Tell-a-Friend feature. With a couple of clicks, your mobile app user can pass on a message to his friends raving about your Friday night pasta feast, your new masseuse from Finland, or your Wednesday night beer on tap special. When the friend receives this positive message, all he has to do is click on the link and download your app. Now you 24/7 access to engage with your new referral through your app via push notifications, daily deals, or check-in loyalty promotions.

share feature screen shot 1Tell-a-Friend allows your customers to share their positive views about your business in an email, on Facebook, Twitter and SMS. Literally within seconds, your app could be exposed to hundreds of new potential customers by way of the twenty first century’s version of word of mouth.

This chain builds and builds – once your new customer tries your products and services and loves them, he will pass the word on to his friends. Sooner rather than later you are reaping the benefits of advertising that no money can buy and you will have a whole bunch of “Rays” out there singing your praises!

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