Is Belly the Best Option For Customer Loyalty Rewards?

QR CodeMany small and local businesses still rely on old-fashioned punchcards to maintain both new and regular customers’ interest – as part of some kind of loyalty program.

New age technology has taken these loyalty strategies online. Belly is a Chicago-based company at the forefront of this innovation. It works like this: Merchants pay out between $50 and $100 per month and in return they are given an iPad that can be locked to a surface for security, as well as marketing materials.

Customers check-in by opening the free Belly app on their smartphones, pulling up their unique QR code and scanning it on the company’s iPad. These interactions earn them points which can then be converted into rewards. Special features of this technology include customer segmentation, data analytics or promotional tools.

These clients get interested in the set-up due to some fantastic reward perks offered via Belly. Business owners using the ipad can arrange these kickbacks accordingly, especially to keep frequent customers excited, pending the points score set up.

These rewards can be anything you want. For example, for 2,500 points at Phoebe’s Cupcakes, you can throw a cupcake at the owner. And for just 350 points, Rocks Lakeview gives you a guest spot tending bar, a free shirt, along with free drinks for you and 10 friends!

The new solution for loyalty rewards

Now here is something different, something equally exciting and which works better – for you as a business owner. It’s called: your own mobile phone app. For the same costs as offering a loyalty program through companies such as Belly, you can take complete control of your rewards program. Having your own app can be used to promote an enticing rewards program for customers as well as engaging their interest via other app features such as push notifications, mobile ordering, social sharing, and can take complete control of your rewards program

Creating a loyalty program on your own app allows small businesses such as yours to either begin or give a massive boost to an existing digital online relationship with customers. I’m In Marketer works with such businesses to create a personalized rewards program which leads to increased customer acquisition and deeper levels of engagement. Repeat customers drive incremental revenue and that brings new opportunities for SMBs to transform loyal customers into brand advocates.

But you won’t understand any of this and you’ll never know how it can turn your business around – unless you do one thing. Just one thing. Pick up the phone or send an email. Just get in contact with us. And let the experts at I’m In Marketer help you set the mobile phone application up.

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