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How do you generate more leads?  Unless you know who to target with your promotion or advertising you’re stuck in the old direct mail or mass distribution model of marketing.  Is there a more effective way than the ancient “shotgun approach” to build a mailing list and also to collect more information about your existing customers?

Over the past year have you walked by a sign at a kiosk that read, “Register here for a chance to win a free phone”?  If you were interested in phones in general or if you needed a new mobile device, the odds are good that you took a minute and entered the contest. 

How about those free drawings car dealers offer to win a vehicle?  If your sedan was in the shop for repairs, did you take a moment and fill out the entry form to win a brand new ride?  You probably did because it cost you nothing to enter and you might gain something of great value.

Contests and giveaways are a tried and true way of generating new sales

sweepstakes feature screen shot 1That’s why they’ve been around forever and aren’t going away anytime soon.  Why not make it super easy for people to enter your contest?  Your contests can be a promotion you know works well, or something brand new, but the key to making your contest more effective for your business is to require the entrant to download your I’m In Marketer mobile app.  After he downloads the app, he clicks on the “Sweepstakes” tab and he’s entered to win whatever you’re giving away.

Customer’s are looking for convenience and incentives

Let’s face it, we all respond to incentives.  Many of your customers have a lot on their minds.  Because they are so busy, when they come into your store they might have the attitude of “I’ll get what I need, get out and get on with my day.” 

scanning QR codeLet’s say you display a contest flyer next to the register.  While they’re waiting for their change or to sign a credit card receipt your QR code is in front of them on the flyer.  They can capture the code with their phone, download your mobile app and enter the contest in seconds.

facebook feature screen shot 2Social media is a great platform for contests and giveaways.  Post your sweepstakes on your Facebook business page and with one click your new customer can download your mobile app and enter the contest.

Why do millions of people buy lottery tickets every week?  For the chance to win a great prize.  It’s simply human nature to get excited over an opportunity to get something significant for free.  Let us know if we can help you set up your own contest or sweepstake through a mobile app today.

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