Explosion of Apps Has Almost Doubled Web Browsing

Flurry Web vs Mobile  App vs TV Consumption

‘Nuclear explosion’ is the best way to describe the wham-bam effect of mobile phone applications on local commerce in recent times – resulting in an ultra-dramatic surge in profits for business owners.

To say that mobile phone apps have helped boost trade is an understatement. It would be more accurate to say that apps changed the goal posts of the commercial game and then rewritten the rules to give companies a better chance than ever of thriving. It is an exciting time to own a local business! And I’m In Marketer is at the forefront, surfing with joy in this new, and very real, techno revolution.

Consumers spend an average of two hours and 38 minutes each day on smart phones and tablets.It began for us just three years ago, when the brainy resources of our experienced team were pulled together to create exciting mobile apps which help give local and small companies a profitable future. Our X-Men experts have now grown by 800%, making us a much larger organization, and we’re still trying to catch our breath!

Sometimes it can feel like we are banging a drum giving the same advertising message over and over again. But we are passionate about it. Concerned about businesses like yours missing out. We love nothing more than setting up an app for a local company. Then later getting feedback from clients who ALWAYS say our services have rocketed their revenue. I’m In Marketer thrives on that. It’s our gasoline. Our buzz thing. Our reason for existing.

Here is the key point in a nutshell – mobile phone apps have exploded in recent times and we have enjoyed helping business’s capture this explosion.

It does sound like a marketing mantra. Except for the fact that statistics prove our point. Not just one or two stats either. But a whole bunch of them from different sources and most of them totally unconnected to I’m In Marketer. This research is unbiased. And it says that if you don’t get an app set up, your company will suffer. If you DO, your business will boom.

Maybe that sounds simplistic. Well, it’s based on experience and feedback from regular customers. We have a treasure chest of testimonials about our services.

For example – Susie King, owner of Columbia Mall Car Wash, praised the techno team for their ‘support and effective implementation’. She said: “I’m In Marketer has helped us develop a mobile app that drives repeat business.”

Slava Blazer, owner of Slava Blazer photography, also wanted to put his enthusiasm for I’m In Marketer down on paper. Mr Blazer said he would definitely recommend the services of I’m In Marketer to others ’100%’ and judged their new app as looking ‘very cool’. Mr Blazer added: “Working with I’m In Marketer was simply amazing.”80 percent of mobile time is spent using apps

We don’t want to drown you in these recommendations for our apps. So here is just one more for the record. It’s from Dr Michael Sarti, owner of Vitality Institute of Agoura, a laser skin care firm. He has already told business partners from other companies to get a mobile phone app set up with I’m In Marketer.  Dr. Michael Sarti rated our company a ’10 across the board’, and said: “They really tried to match the app to what I was trying to achieve in my business.”

Now, going back to those stats. This is a recent fact we found. A consumer in the USA spends an average of two hours and 38 minutes each day on smart phones and tablets. ‘Consumer’ meaning the average customer who uses YOUR service or buys YOUR products. And, even more thought-provoking for you as a business owner, some 80%  of their time (two hours and seven minutes) is spent using apps. Mobile web use accounts for 20%  (31 minutes) of that too. You can rwad more about these numbers here. http://blog.flurry.com/bid/95723/Flurry-Five-Year-Report-It-s-an-App-World-The-Web-Just-Lives-in-It

The obvious question is what do people DO with mobile phone applications? Draw smiley faces? Watch cartoons? Play chess?

Flurry average time spent on ios

Another study by Flurry shares what people did with their time online in May 2013 via apps: http://blog.flurry.com/bid/98080/A-Day-in-the-Life-of-a-Mobile-Consumer

Now, there are many interesting revelations. But for you as a business owner, two conclusions stand out, as cited by Flurry. The first is simple. Shopping time happens at any time during the day, ‘around the clock’ via mobile phone apps. Does your business strategy accommodate that fact?

Secondly – well, the second point is best said by the folk at Flurry. Concluding their study, it is stated: “Many things will change over the next few years but we predict that mobile devices will become even more a part of the fabric of society than they are today. That means marketers and advertisers need to learn how to make mobile a central part of their marketing and media plans, not just an afterthought.”

Enough said. Contact I’m In Marketer today and get your local business app sorted. Get your profit margins increased. Let us help you.

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