Dance to the (Mobile) Music – It’s Your App

Playing music for a livingPromoting your band or looking for DJ gigs locally has its challenges, no doubt, but have you looked at putting out your own branded mobile app as a way to expand your revenues?

If that brings up any thoughts of expense and hassles you may have had in trying to get your website going (if you happen to have one), you should take another look at the potential that current state-of-the-apps can offer you.

We’re all using ‘em – iPhones, Droids, iPads…they’re here to stay – could you please stop texting for a minute – and the people want their apps. Not websites – APPS! The people who pay you are on their smart phones – all day, in fact. Among 18-29 year olds, about 70% own phones. A recent survey indicates that about a third of mobile users are on it every morning before they get out of bed. (You can relate, can’t you?)

Here are some of the things your fans/ customers could be doing with your mobile app…

It’s About Connecting

-          Connect instantly to information about your upcoming gigs, show dates, calendar

-          Receive SMS reminders, club promos, announcements

-          Purchase your music or tickets to shows

-          Request booking dates for their events

-          Spread the word about your talents to their friends via quick links to major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

-          Participate in contests and promotions you set

-          Post comments on your fan wall

Party Perfect

And imagine inviting guests at your next live show or DJ party to launch their app (which is your app) to request songs or vote on the best dancers. Let them know they can check out and even order your latest recording or post a photo in your event album.

Your app can help jump start a community of fans and customers and that keeps them engaged and growing larger.

For all of the capabilities a mobile app can provide for your enterprise, it is surprisingly uncomplicated to deploy and use. If you’re familiar with apps on your own smart phone, you know that the good ones are designed for fast fingertip actions with clear, easy to understand navigation.

On the other end, when your business is the one behind the app, setting up message blasts, contests, events is also a fingertip affair – no special technical skills required.

Ready to Hit the Ground Running

Now getting back to what I said earlier – you’re probably thinking about what your own branded mobile app could do for you, but it may also sound like a major home building project that you don’t have the time or budget for.  But check out I’m In Marketer’s app designed for bands and DJs – there’s a free demo hereit’s ready-to-go almost right out of the box with the features mentioned. If you decide to jump in you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it won’t take a big chunk of cash – just a modest monthly fee that’s less than printing a bunch of flyers or taking out a newspaper ad.

Website vs Mobile App – Best to Have Both

When contemplating “mobilizing” your fan or customer base, don’t give up on having a decent website – you still should have one that details your services and music and provides contact information, online purchasing, and a way to be found when people are searching looking for you or what you do. With very little effort and cost you can have a clean, modern collection of web pages that takes care of those needs.  And – this is important- especially if you have a website set up years ago, websites should have the ability to be viewed comfortably on mobile devices as well as on the desktop/laptop screens they may have originally been designed for.

There are two approaches to “mobilizing” the presentation of your web pages on mobile devices. Most designers today and many pre-made web templates employ a type of coding known as responsive design meaning that the pages will format themselves according to the device they loading on, making it easier to view all of the content. This may require some zooming in for text, but the page does not appear broken or distorted.

The other option is to create a set of parallel pages that are expressly designed for mobile use – these look more like apps in their appearance, but they would typically present your regular content rather than a host of interactive functions. Many web companies now build these mobile-only sites.  And remember, one of the main promos you can run on your website are banner links inviting people to download your amazing new mobile app.

Consider jumping on the app train as a way to provide continuity and grow your revenues, which at the end of the day is its whole purpose. You can see now that when users accept your app it’s like they’re carrying you around with them, rather than making an occasional visit to your website, and they’re letting you know they’d like to hear from you.

We’ll be sharing more marketing ideas and tips from real users in this blog, so stay tuned, and try the demo!

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