Just a Few of Our Application Features


Push Notifications

Recent studies indicate that mobile users take the time to immediately look at text messages 97% of the time – much higher than email! Use our easy text editor to create a text message that lets you contact customers with information they will use.

Check-in Loyalty Coupons

Reward your customers for their ongoing purchases. Through the mobile app they can “check-in” with each visit or purchase, and accumulate loyalty points leading to special rewards.

Mobile Appointment Setting

If you do business by appointment, you now have the option to save both you and your customers time on the phone by letting them set their own appointments, based on availability, with just a few touches on their mobile device.

Points of Interest

Entice people to spend time in your part of town by creating a map-based guide to of nearby activities they can combine with a visit to your business. A retailer can list restaurants; a restaurant can show shops and theaters.

Mailing List

A growing and accurate customer contact list is the heart of marketing outreach, and I’m In Marketer makes it easy for customers to add and update their info and for you to reach them with news and specials.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages. I’m In Marketer mobile app provides a bridge between your social media pages and your customers, creating an ever-expanding network of awareness of your product or service.

Event Listings

Tie in your own special activities and related local events into the built-in calendar. It’s a great sales stimulator and customers will appreciate the ability to make plans with this convenient feature.

Contests & Giveaways

Customers can engage instantly entering a contest or sweepstake on their mobile phone. As with all of our offerings, the pages may be customized with your logo, background color, type font, and instructional text.

Fan Wall

Make it easy and fun for customers to post feedback and recommendations for all the world to see. Manage all comments online.

One Touch Calling

One-touch calling enables customers with your App to contact you with one click - no scrolling through address books and contact lists. No searching the Internet for your number. One-touch calling keeps you in the palm of their hands.

Ordering & Payment Systems

Within your app you can easily set up a one-stop sales shop for online purchases, pre-pay, or bill pay services that can stream you money and streamline your operations.

Native Image Gallery

Show off your place of business and capture friendly faces in your own photo gallery specifically optimized for iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

Integrated GPS Directions

Give your customers turn-by-turn directions or transit information right to your place of business, from anywhere in the world, with just a touch or two.

QR Coupons

You’ve seen those square bar-code like images that you can scan with your mobile phone. Now you can easily create your own QR codes that you can print and place anywhere for customers and potential customers to scan and receive discounts and special offers.

Mobile Reservations

Imagine having your own reservation system within your mobile app that gives customers the convenience of selecting available date and time to bring you their business.

Tell a Friend

Going viral is today’s expression for the power of “word of mouth,” but on a much larger scale. From right within your app, customers can send recommendations out instantly over email, text, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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